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This program was curated by Michaela Bulkley and Graham Wetterhahn and includes special guests from the LA Theatre Community! 

The first round of this 8-week program has already begun, but if you would like to be join the next round please feel out the interest form here. ​The course is currently offered for free! 

Building a new generation of theatre leaders starts with opening up who can call themselves a producer. ​

There are challenges to leading any team and planning a project, but with these tools and skills we are hoping to eliminate some of the barriers to creating productions and building teams. 

You shouldn't have to go through years of expensive grad school or crash and burn several times to learn the basic skills of producing. The 8-week course will go over the basic skills and provide templates so anyone can produce a show. 

  • Intro to producing 

  • How to pick a project 

  • Financial Management and Budgeting 

  • Project Planning and Management 

  • Venue and Rental Equipment  

  • Team Building 

  • Marketing and Ticketing 

  • Tech Week from a Producer's Perspective

  • What happens after opening night? 

  • What do you do when the show is over? 

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