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When the Federal Theatre Project closed in 1939, Hallie Flanagan said that for a sustainable and strong future, theatres "will have to work more closely together, will have to respect each other more, will have to supplement each others' work, to achieve a better and more consistent method of theatre training for ambitious youth and a clearer definition of what constitutes theatre professionalism." 


That's what we aim to do.  To create a system in which collaboration, respect, and ambition push forward a stronger and more equitable Los Angeles Theatre. 


To create an ecosystem of performing arts in Los Angeles focused on sustainable and equitable creative career pathways through leadership and collaboration. 



An ecosystem of collaborative performing arts organizations dedicated to equity and artistic excellence. This is not just about professional development, but creating a new professional pipeline for sustainable and equitable lifestyles as an artist and leader. 

about utp 

Our Values: 

  • Intersectionality in Community 

  • Equity / Anti-Racism 

  • Innovation 

  • Artistic Excellence

  • Inclusivity / Accesibility

  • Professional Development and Opportunity Creation 


Clarifying Language:

When referring to “theatre/er” “show” or “producer” we mean anyone that identifies as those types of creatives. There is no set definition of theatre, production, or producer.  Arts Administrators are also considered artists in this conversation!

We focus on building anti-racist theatre 

Unnamed Theatre Project is constantly in the process of becoming an anti-racist institution, as that work is ongoing. This work is focused on recognition of harm caused by the racist practices within the Los Angeles Theatre community, undoing these harmful systems, and rooting new structures that are sustainable. 

We hold our theatre companies accountable to this same work through harm reduction, relationship repair, and community cooperation. We believe transformation and change are possible through direct, honest, authentic communication. This work is uncomfortable but necessary. 

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