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Social Media tips for Theatre

Social media is an extremely powerful and potentially free marketing platform, you absolutely have to use it. While it can be overwhelming when you take the time to break it down and make it manageable for you and your team, it becomes part of your normal daily or weekly tasks. Either way, you need to include time to make content in your production calendar.

Like it was mentioned above, you do not need to be on all platforms. It is better to be consistent and intentional on one platform instead of feeling like you are screaming randomly into the void on all platforms.

Some basic tips:

  • Do not use a project-specific social media handle for a show, start building a company brand.

  • Social media is a slow and long game, start early and keep working at it.

  • You should still make a Facebook Event for the show, and post it in Facebook groups that allow self-promotion.

  • Social Media is a slow and long game, but keep working at it. Even when you are not in production you should be trying to post on social media every now and then to keep your audience engaged and remind them you exist.

  • Not all platforms use the same content, even as basic as photo sizes and character counts change per platform, so make sure you have graphics that are easily adjustable into things like Facebook Headers, Twitter pictures, and Instagram tiles.

The thing that is going to save you so much time and energy is call content batching. This is when you plan out as much content as you can ahead of time, you put it into a content calendar, and then all you have to do is set a reminder to post it.

Content Tips:

  • 80% fun posts 20% asking to buy tickets/support you.

  • Use pictures of people when you can, but feel free to throw in a meme or a quote every now and then.

  • High-quality photos don't have to be major photo shoots, just make sure your phone camera is clean and that there is good lighting and it can be a great photo worth posting. More than likely someone on your team has a phone that has a pretty good camera on it, make sure to utilize it.

Make sure your content is authentic and personal, even if it is a "company page," that company includes artists, collaborators, and yourself! People like following people, not just faceless brands. The key to social media is to be social, make sure you are following people, engage with them authentically, and build that relationship via social media.


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