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How to use "Producer" as a transferable skill

Even though no one hired you to produce this show, you are allowed to put producing on your resume. The skills of producing are directly related to Project Management, and that should be reflected in your resume so you can leverage your hard work to potentially get jobs.

  • You created, launched, and executed a project.

  • You managed a team, dealt with a budget, and communicated with external vendors,

  • You had strict deadlines and dealt with group expectations.

Build this into a portfolio of your work on your website!

Other transferrable skills that can help you land similar jobs:

  • Event Planner

    • Scouting locations

    • Managing vendor relationships

    • Client communications

    • Creating and negotiating contracts,

    • Managing budgets

  • Project Manager / Coordinator

    • Activity and resource planning

    • Organizing and motivating a project team

    • Controlling time management

    • Cost estimating and developing the budget

    • Analyzing and managing project risk

    • Monitoring progress

    • Managing reports and necessary documentation

What skills were you best at?

If you are not necessarily interested in those kinds of careers, take time to reflect on what came easy to you, and what might align with some of the larger goals we talked about earlier.

  • Did you manage the marketing or PR?

  • Were you good at fundraising?

  • Did you manage data input of audience/customers?

  • Did you work in customer service?

Find the skills you would like to continue working on, and try and leverage that for your long-term career goals.


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