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How to prep for tech week as a Producer

You've finally made it to tech week, the week that feels like it will make or break the production and when your leadership will be tested the most. Tech week is notorious for being a struggle, but as a producer, you have the chance to make sure it is as effective, efficient, and fun as possible. There is no way around that it's crunch time, but you can mentally and emotionally prepare yourself in a few ways:

  • Prioritize your health

    • If you’re exhausted and sick and sleep-deprived you can’t be the leader you need to be, it's also dangerous if you are around people with tools.

    • Don't feel guilty - consider it production planning

      • How will you make sure you drink enough water?

      • How will you meal prep and buy healthy snacks?

  • Clear your schedule as much as possible.

    • If you have work, this is a good time to rely on your co-producers and prioritize being prepped ahead of time as much as possible.

    • Communicate with your friends and family that this week you are going to be unavailable and need their support.

What does a producer do during tech?

You continue to do what you've been doing, making sure everyone is still on track to get to opening night. Mostly you are managing and leading, which doesn't always look like checking off a to-do list.

  • You need to be open and available to make quick decisions and keeping morale high.

  • That doesn't happen when you are trying to be the director/producer/designer/performer all at the same time.

  • Make sure you delegate! That is why you have a team.

Make sure everyone is on the same page and communicating

  • Putting out “match stick moments” before they become bigger fires.

  • Check in with all members of your team regularly while being mindful of their time.

  • Prioritize department heads but make sure to take time to talk to all of your team members to make sure they feel appreciated. They're all working hard to make your dream a reality.


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