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Getting over the guilt of fundraising

Fundraising is sometimes a necessary part of creating theatre, and while asking for financial support can be stressful and uncomfortable, it can be easier with preparation and practice.

People like to help people.

First, remember that people want to support your project and that people donate money to the arts all the time. Asking them to donate money is not an embarrassing thing, they either will or they won’t, but they definitely won’t if you don’t ask. And if they say no this time, they still might care about your project and they might say yes next time! You are asking for them to invest in your art, asking them to be a part of the process at the ground level, you are not doing anything wrong by asking for them to help.

It takes practice! Write out your ask, practice it out loud, practice it with your team members, get comfortable saying it, and then use it to ask for donations!

There are endless amounts of information on fundraising and the different tactics you can use to cultivate and communicate with donors, hopefully, this information makes getting started a little less intimidating or overwhelming.

Just remember the basic information

  • You deserve to have your project funded.

  • People want to support and help you.

  • You have to make a specific ask.

    • Don't forget to practice your asks!

  • Being rejected is not the end of the world, they won't hate you just because you asked.

  • Just keep making adjustments and try again.

You can also make it easy for yourself to collect more passive donations by making sure you have your donate link in all your emails, in the header of your website, and in your social media links.

We've built an "Fundraising Basics" packet that you can download here!

You've got this!


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