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let's change LA theatre

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We are building collaborative resources and a coalition of theatre companies to put community-driven values at the forefront of theatre creation. 

Inspired by the Federal Theatre Project we aim to:

  • bring theatre companies together and build community

  • support their work through collaborative resources and advocacy

  • achieve a better and more consistent method of theatre producer training

  • and build a clearer definition of what constitutes theatre professionalism. 


we focus on the life cycle of a company

Our vision is to have an ecosystem of collaborative performing arts organizations dedicated to equity and artistic excellence. That starts with having intentional leadership, and that starts with producers. It could be your first show, or your 100th show, we focus on building up theatre companies through leadership and collaboration. 


Theatre is a collaborative art form, and that includes collaborating across companies, genres, and generations. From leadership training, mentorship, networking, anti-racism resources, and consolidated administrative resources, we believe every theatre company and every producer can thrive in Los Angeles. 

Want to get involved? Email Michaela Bulkley at

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